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Apple Hospitality Consultancy Services is a seasoned group of hotel, restaurant & bar consultants, who have successfully opened and managed more than 100 restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts international wide. 

The company has established expert specialization in the hospitality business, offering many years of experience to restaurants, bars and lounges, hotels, resorts and food chains. From running a publicly traded restaurant company to starting and growing regional chains, the company has proven hands-on experience tackling the challenges of running profitable operations. 

Apple Hospitality Consultancy Services helps restaurant, restaurant chain, pub and bar owners, hotels and resorts whether they are new projects or existing operational units; to find the right concepts and focused strategies using the latest information and analysis in the Hospitality trade. For established units wanting to grow through franchising AHL offers complete services from developing the concept to running the enterprise efficiently and profitably.


The Director

The Company is headed by Chopra Amit who is a true restaurateur having worked in various positions in the trade with a track record of success. He has the experience and commitment to create that environment in a Restaurant that can be translated into profit.

The Hospitality Industry has been steeped into the conscience of Mr Chopra as he has spent the better part of more than two and a half decades in this field. From the various F&B outlets of the hotel group where he honed his skills in the numerous aspects of restaurant and food store management, he worked his way up and managed top of the line restaurants & hotels where he worked from the concept stage to implementation, internalizing and imbibing the process of the birth of a successful organization. Establishing a successful restaurant has become a habit with Mr Chopra . 

Now, his successful Consultancy projects are located across the whole cross section of the Restaurant business because he is an enthusiastic professional with an efficient team.

The Hospitality Consultants for Hotel, Restaurant, Bar you were looking for !

Apple Hospitality Consultancy Services helps restaurants, restaurant chains, hotels & hotel chains, food courts, pub and bar owners of new projects or existing operational units to find the right concepts and focused strategies using the latest information and analysis in the Hospitality trade.

The new entrants to the Hospitality Industry will learn the tricks of the trade that normally are learned through years ,Apple Hospitality Consultancy Services will significantly shorten the entrant learning curve by covering all areas of the restaurant business such as Human Resources, Strategy, Analysis & Planning, Kitchen Design and Equipment, Menu Analysis and Engineering, Marketing, Procurement, Franchising and much more. 

Apple Hospitality Consultancy Services are Consultants of repute working for India, Bangkok & Hong Kong but having clients of repute all over world. We are associated with successful Consultancy projects that are located across the whole cross section of the Restaurant, Bar and Hotel business not only because we are enthusiastically professional with a positive bent of mind, but also because we have an excellent efficient and highly motivated team.

Hotels, Resorts Hotel Chains, Amusement Parks can also avail the diverse services of Apple Hospitality Consultancy Services in almost all areas of the Restaurant business in addition to the specific and specialized functions of Hotels, Resorts , Inns, Guest House, Hostels etc. such as Front Office, House Keeping, Room Service, Laundry, Banquetting, Club Services etc.

Support is provided from the Concept Stage to the opening and further to run the unit eficiently and successfully.

Franchising Projects

We offer complete consultancy services in Franchising that are custom made for all types and sizes of restaurants, bars, coffee shops and cafes as well as restaurant and hotel chains that are established businesses or startups.

Franchise Consulting Service

We provide a full range of franchise consulting services to all types and sizes of businesses, public and private, startup and established.

Strategic Planning 

A franchise company must be properly organized and positioned to achieve its goals.We can help you develop business and franchise plans, do feasibility studies relevant to your business and construct strategic growth plans so that you can clearly visualize the future course of the business.


Legal Documentation 

Franchising requires specific legal documentation, registration and coordination. We can work with legal experts to research and prepare all necessary legal documents, such as Franchise Agreements

Operation & Training Manuals

Documented systems for operation and training can be the most valuable asset for the Franchisee and can be a strong selling point for any franchise program. We can help you to customize manuals as per the requirement of the business. 

The following manuals are very useful:

• Pre-Opening Procedures Manuals 

• Daily Systems & Procedures Manuals 

• Sales & Marketing Manuals 

• Personnel Manuals 

• Accounting & Bookkeeping Manuals

Franchise Sales 

We can help you meet your franchise sales objectives through a number of effective programs, including: 

•Franchise Marketing Plans 

•Sales Strategies 

•Franchise Sales Training 

•Recruiting & Training of Sales Staff

Managemant Assistance

We can help you operate your new franchise company during its critical first few years of development. With our experience, we can perform many functions faster and with greater expertise, saving your money and time in implementing the franchise programe

Development of Systems & Procedures

Proper setup of Systems and Procedures keeps the property running smoothly. Controls, checks and counterchecks help in minimizing wastage, pilferage and other losses. We will guide you in the development of the following systems and procedures. 

Forms & Formats

These are important tools that need to be developed for better control of overall operations. 

Cost Control

Profits are directly related to controlling costs. 

Food Costs; Procedures & Systems

Methods and formulae to get a rational idea of what one is really earning 

Vendor Contracts

The entire process of floating tenders, selection of vendors and formalizing contracts is essential for cost and quality control.

Purchase / Receiving /Stores System

The Stores and Inventory System needs careful planning and implementation. 

System of Effective Management

Planning and developing tools for interaction between different departments brings about effective management. 

Computers & Networking

IT now is an important facet of every business and gives optimum results in controlling and enhancing profits. 

Selection of POS

Software at the Point of Sale should be user friendly, stable while being able to tackle all Professional Training.Professional training is necessary to make a skillful and efficient work force so necessary to make a successful and profit-making restaurant 


Staff Training

Staff training whether it is the kitchen staff or waiters or even the restaurant needs professional training to understand their functions and scope, to create an atmosphere of professional discipline and efficiency.


Service Training

Professional training in this area makes all the difference between an"ace" and an "also- run" restaurant or bar. 

Systems Training

Systems are developed for better control and efficiency but the staff needs to understand these to implement them. 

Software Training

Now-adays systems are developed and implemented through software. POS software also helps to manage the restaurant well. Staff training in the software that is used in the restaurant is necessary. 

Inventory Control Training

Systems to control inventory by using software or forms and formats are important tools that can be implemented through training 

Now-adays systems are developed and implemented through software. POS software also helps to manage the restaurant well. Staff training in the software that is used in the restaurant is necessary.