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Hotel & Restaurant Consultants Hong Kong


Apple Hospitality Consultancy Services is a seasoned group of hotel, restaurant & bar consultants, who have successfully opened and managed more than 100 restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts international wide.

The company has established expert specialization in the hospitality business, offering many years of experience to restaurants, bars and lounges, hotels, resorts and food chains. From running a publicly traded restaurant company to starting and growing regional chains, the company has proven hands-on experience tackling the challenges of running profitable operations.

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Few people embody the spirit of brilliant entrepreneurship coupled with achieving the highest standards in Western Cuisine , Home Style Italian & Modern South Asian cuisine better than Chopra Amit, the founder of Apple Hospitality.

From humble beginnings, starting with just a small 38 seat restaurant in the heart of Hong Kong, Causeway Bay 2009 and through his sheer passion and determination, his culinary vision has always been to serve the very best in Different Cuisine Food. His ethos has always been "anything is possible - it's just the case of how bad you want it". 

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